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Start an auto detailing business

Start an auto detailing business

If you plan on starting a detailing business, you must start from the beginning with a detailing process inspection, notation, vehicle prep, interior detailing, exterior polishing and waxing, windows, and delivery to customer that is as efficient and effective as possible.   You do not have time to work things out as you go!  

You’ll need a step by step  detailing process that gives you an easy to follow, consistent system to produce top quality results in a minimal amount of time.      

One of the most important questions is “Where will you get new customers?”   Most new businesses waste countless hours and dollars on flyers, newspaper advertising, and radio advertising that doesn’t work.    
The magic bullet is getting customers from the Internet.   You will have success because  the competition 1) doesn’t understand Internet advertising and 2) has too much money locked up in old media (phone book, magazines, flyers) that gives them little  or no results.   And even today, detailers continue to ignore the flood of customers available to them on the Internet.   Step in and take those customers from them with a modern detailing business plan!  
My Recommendation is to invest very little money in  this car detailing training  system which  includes a professionally designed web site with contact info, photos (yes, you own the rights to the photos) description of processes, and prices.   It’s a proven design made just for detailers that a web designer would charge $200 for!   Also included is a full color craigslist ad with photos that we’ll show you how to post to the top of the list every day.   A $95 value!   It can take weeks to find a good web designer to make these web tools, but you get them immediately, for free, with the purchase of this ebook.
You don’t want start a detailing business and market it on trial and error.   Trial and error is hugely expensive.   Businesses go out of businesses from too much trial and error.   I’ve done the trials and made the errors for you!   In great detail,  you will learn  how to maximize awareness of your detail business in your town for the minimum amount of money.

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