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Start a Telephone Answering Service

Start a Telephone Answering Service

Yes, it’s 2012 and I’m giving you a very old idea for a home based business that is desperately needed in this technological world we live in. If you’re like me, then you’re tired of voice mail and getting stuck in voice mail jail. You have to admit that voice mail can be extremely frustrating when you need to make a quick call that ends up taking an hour of your time, just because the company had voice mail.

So, if we’re on the same page with that, then let’s talk about this awesome home based business idea. I owned an operated my own successful telephone answering service for 15 years before I sold it and my small office building for over $1,000,000.00. Yes, this can be an extremely lucrative and rewarding home based business.

The biggest challenge I faced was finding the best equipment I could for the little amount of money I had to get started. I researched every equipment vendor out there and was disappointed to learn that it could cost me $20 or $30 thousand to get my answering service set up. But, I really felt that there was a need for an old fashioned telephone answering service that would answer the phone quickly and give live professional service.

After my extensive equipment vendor search I came across a small company that was on the cutting edge of technology in the telephone answering service industry. The company’s name is Mastar and I’m happy to report they are still around and stronger than ever. Providing solid computerized equipment that will make your transition into the answering service business an easy one. They have continued to keep their start up costs low so it is affordable to the small home based business.

For more technical information – check out their website Mastar.com (it’s a little techy, so don’t get scared away… that’s a good thing and let’s you know that they know what they’re talking about.)

Send my buddy Rod an email rod@mastar.com

over at Mastar and he’ll give you all the info you need on starting your own home based telephone answering service.





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