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Get Paid to Drive Your Car

Get Paid to Drive Your Car

Here’s how to go about making money selling advertising on your car doors…

Everytime you drive your car, no matter if you’re driving for 5 minutes p/day or 5 hours p/day, you can turn your car into a cash flow vehicle! Selling advertising on car doors can be turned into a big business quickly, simply because there are so many blank car doors on the road. Why not start a business selling advertising on the side of other people’s car doors in addition to your own?

We spent months creating a nice simple formula to turn car doors into cash flow through using basic magnets and a simple advertising message that turns heads all day long and we’ve also worked out how you can get advertisers calling you to advertise on your car, as opposed to you calling them!

The other main reason this car door advertising business works so well, is because you have an audience numbering in the thousands everyday who can potentially look at your car doors. Imagine sitting in a traffic jam…there would be eyes all over it, providing you have an eye catching message (We give you exact examples to use)! This presents great value for the customer who’s paying you $$$ to place their message your car.

For more info on how to advertise on your car and get paid for it Click Here! and learn how to get paid to drive your car


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