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Be Your Own Vet

Be Your Own Vet
Attention Dog Lovers…   Do You Know How To Save Your Dogs Life In An Emergency? Would You Like To Save Thousands Of Dollars In Vet Bills? Would you like to have your  own Guide To Learn How To Care For Your Dog And Treat His Health Conditions Naturally  
When we created the book, our intention was to give people information that could save their dogs lives, not to save people money. As it turned out though, people are saving thousands of dollars by putting this information to work.
It’s pretty simple really. While some books claim “you’ll never have to take your dog to the vet again” (I came across a few in my research) the truth is that you will still need to take your dog to the vet to perform immunization, vaccination, and for other serious medical conditions.
What I didn’t realize at the time was how many people take their dogs into the vet or spend hundreds of dollars on medications when they don’t have to.
There are hundreds of tips in How To Be Your Own Vet that can save you unneeded trips to the vet and avoid spending money on medications that you don’t need…

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